Are you starting your own clothing line?

Do you want to produce in Vietnam?

Four things you need to know in advance:

Why you need tech packs?
minimum order quantities in Vietnam are so high?
How to
find a reliable sewing factory in Vietnam?
import duties for Vietnam?

Read and learn before you contact Vietnamese sewing factories.

VGI Website

Regarding Garment Production please note the following:

Our preferred minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces per style per colour. If you have tech packs and are clear on what you want PLUS we are able to do it easily, then we can accept smaller MOQs.

We produce any style of men women or children garment using circular knitted fabrics made with cotton, polyester, viscose, and spandex yarn. You can see our list of fabrics here:

We don't make tailored suits or dress shirts. We don't make swim suits. We don't make wedding dresses.

Please check out our FAQ page.
We answer many questions previously asked by other visitors.

1. What is a tech pack (spec. sheet?) And, why is it necessary to use?
2. What does MOQ mean and what is your MOQ?
3. Is there a garment fair in Vietnam like the Canton Fair in China?
4. What is the difference between woven and knitwear?
5. What is circular knit vs. flat knit?
6. I only want 20 pieces per style. If you can’t do it then who can?
7. Can you introduce me to a sample room in HCMC?
8. What is minimum wage in Vietnam?
9. Is labor cheaper in the north of Vietnam?
10. Where are the deep water ports in Vietnam?
11. What is the shipping time from HCMC to Long Beach?
12. What does CMT mean and why are most factories in Vietnam CMT factories?
13. What does FOB mean and why are most factories in Vietnam FOB factories?
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  • Thank You Chris Walker knows the Textile Industry in Vietnam. He has lived in Vietnam since 2008 and worked with two garment companies.