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Are you looking for a original design manufacturer in Vietnam or just OEM?

Let's talk about ODM or OEM. My role in Vietnam is to guide you as you investigate manufacturing. Either you want to buy existing products (original design manufacturing) or you have your own designs that you need produced. Either way I can help you and the first step is to have a conversation so I can understand where you are at and what specific challenge you need help with.

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What is ODM? Original Design Manufacturing

Basically, it's when a factory decides to do the designing for you on their dime.

How much does an effective ODM strategy for sewing factories cost and what is the pay off? The cost to design and produce the collection should range from 5,000 to $8,000. 80% of this expense would be used for hiring a designer experienced with the hobby you have chosen. 20% would be used to produce the garments. Then you would have to spend $15,000 for each trade show. The $15,000 will pay for flights, hotel, booth fees and hiring a local sales person who is a member of the hobby group you have chosen AND speaks the local language. My advice would be to produce one collection and show it at three trade shows: one in Europe, one in America, and one in China. So, in total an ODM investment would be around $55,000. What is the pay off? If you can get 5 FOB customers who order a total of 100,000 garments and each garment has a profit of 50 cents then your ODM campaign can be profitable after one year.

What is the real purpose of doing an ODM campaign? It is NOT to become a famous design house and sell your designs. Garment manufacturers are not experts in design, branding and marketing. A Vietnamese sewing factory will never be a Lacoste or a Nike. The ultimate goal of an ODM campaign is to get more FOB orders.
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