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Hi, my name is Chris, I am an American living in Ho Chi Minh city, formerly known as Saigon. I’ve been working with certified textile companies in Vietnam since 2008. I introduce you to factories and prepare you to work directly with them. I am not an agent.

Are you an established brand or start up that has an apparel or non-apparel product you'd like to produce in Vietnam? If yes, I can help you.

I am passionate about Vietnam because my experience here has been positive from day one (2008). Vietnam feels risky because it is new to us and all we know is what we were shown on TV in the 60's. In fact Vietnam is as safe as Canada. You just need someone to show you the ropes and get you jump started with the right people. This is what I do. I love connecting foreign brands to Vietnamese manufacturers to form long term win win relationships.

Before you contact certified textile companies in Vietnam, read through my website and then schedule an appointment with me using Calendly. I'd like to hear your story, understand your product and suggest an action plan. I set aside two times each day for free consultations. Calendly keeps tracks of our time zone differences and sends out reminders to both of us.

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Oeko Tex Textile Company in Vietnam

Thai Son S.P Textile Company is a family owned business in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. They are Oeko Tex Certified. The company was founded in 1989 as a CMT factory and started exporting in 1991. Their factories have 20 sewing lines. Their contact info is:
143/11H Ung Van Khiem Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +841223684751
They buy yarn and then knit it for you. They dye it to your pantone color. Then they cut and sew according to your designs.

They add embellishments like:

Screen printing

They can make men, women and children styles like:

Fashion Tees
Yoga Wear
Long Johns

Using circular knitted fabrics like:

Single Jersey, Interlock, Pique, Rib, Ponte, Jacquard

Are you sourcing a certified textile company in Vietnam?
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Oeko Tex Fabric for Long Underwear
Are you producing base layer, long johns, or thermal underwear? Do you require Oeko Tex certified fabric? Thai Son can produce Oeko Tex fabric in Vietnam.

Basically, base layer, long johns and thermal underwear are all very similar and use flat lock stitches. They have more than 50 four needle six thread flat lock machines and their operators are experienced at making base layer, long johns or thermal underwear. They can source cotton, polyester, spandex, viscose, bamboo or merino wool yarn and blend them to meet your fabric requirements. If you need finishes like anti-microbial, anti-static, moisture wicking or silicon wash, they can do it.
Base Layer with Oeko Tex Fabric

I can introduce you to many Oeko Tex factories in Vietnam

Hi, my name is Chris Walker and I work for Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. They are an Oeko Tex Textile Company in Vietnam that produces fabric and offers FOB pricing. Their strength is men, women & children styles that use circular knitted fabrics and embellishments like embroidery, screen-printing, and applique. They have 15 sewing lines and 2 sample lines. They have over 22 years working with customers in Russia, America, France, Germany, Australia and Poland. Currently, they have two production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City.

Please send us your tech packs with order quantities so they can do some initial costing and see if they are a good fit for your target price.
Fabric they produce

1. They buy cotton, viscose, modal, polyester and spandex yarn from India, China, Korea, Thailand and US yarns
2. They produce following fabrics: Single Jersey, French Terry, Pique, Diamond Pique, Rib 1x1, Rib 2x2, Rib 1x1, Rib 6x3, Waffle, Burn-out, Hot TR, Imitation Fully Fashion Knit, Roma, Interlock, Fleece, Pique Jacquard, Knit Denim, Jacquard
3. Knitting is done by our partners in Vietnam
4. Dyeing is done by our partners in Vietnam 

Embellishments they can do

1. Sublimation print
2. Screen print (water, rubber, discharge = chemical, foil, reflective, glitter...)
3. All over print
4. Piece print
5. Embroidery
6. Applique
7. Stones: sew-on stones, glued-on stones.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

2,000 pcs per style up to 150,000pcs per style.

Lead time

60-150 days depend on order's quantity, design & requirements. 


1. SA8000
3. Oeko-Tex
4. Oeko-Tex for rubber printing.
5. Target Australia
6. Adidas (FFC 63620)

Quality control standards

AQL 1.5, 2.5, 4.00 for current buyers.
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How do we get started working together with you?

Thai Son makes garments from your designs; so they need a tech pack from you. When we receive the tech pack we can estimate the price. If you provide them with a target price it will be much easier for them to quickly decide if it make business sense to work together.

For each style they need the following:

1. Sketch of the Garment (include pantone colors, stitch type, print patterns, etc.)(.pdf or .jpeg)
2. Dimensions for Each Size
3. Quantity for each Size
4. Accessories (buttons, zippers, draw strings etc.)
5. Print Design, size and colors;
6. If there is embroidery then we need to know the needles per inch and see an image of the embroidery.

Administratively they need to know:

1. Shipping Destination
2. Payment Terms (Letter of Credit is preferred)
3. Lead Time
3. Delivery Date

Send Thai Son S.P Oeko Tex textile company in Vietnam your tech packs today!

Thermal Underwear Manufacturer in Vietnam

menswear manufacturer in Vietnam
There is a specialty grocery store which sells non-food items at a low price with good quality. They are owned and managed by Jeronimo Martins. Vietnam supplys them with basic thermal underwear's using flat lock seams and Oeko Tex Certification. They are happy with the quality and price from a Tex textile company in Vietnam and place repeat orders each season.

The buyer is the largest Food Distribution Group in Portugal and Poland. Every day they welcome millions of customers to their Pingo Doce Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Recheio Cash & Carries.

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